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CoolBrains Investor Pack or Hidden Gems Pack is for Investors who want to Create Long Term Wealth by investing in High Growth Stocks which are Cash rich companies + Low EV/Ebit multiples + Monopoly businesses + Zero Debt + Good Revenue & Profit Growth + Increasing Margins. Expect 15 to 20 Stock Ideas / Investment Opportunities in 12 months. Cool Brains has its own Algorithm for Identifying Fundamentally Sound Companies, we do not rely on any 3rd Party Research !



You can expect 12 to 15 Hidden Gems Recommendations in 1 year. If you join us now we have 6 to 8 companies which can be accumulated for amazing wealth creation in coming days. Going forward we shall update you as when we spot an Amazing Oppurtunity. Incase of any special opportunity we shall update you as well through email + sms.


As an Intelligent and Mature Investor you need to have a Mindset of Minimum 4 Quarter or 12 months. There is nothing as Maximum.

Always remember Investing is one of the Best Financial Habit which needs to be Installed, Continued and Grown as time passes. For example you can invest 30,000 in every 3 or 4 months in our recommended Hidden Gems.

Always remember you invest in Companies and their future and you become the part owner of these wonderful companies hence do not be obsessed with prices.

If you continue to Invest regulairly 2 things happen. First is Rupee Average Costing and Second is Compound Growth.

Rupee Average Costing and Compound Growth work like Miracles over a period of minimum 3 to 4 years.

Returns is always in hands of market. I believe as long we follow the Golden Rules of Patience, Capital Management, Conviction & Constant Research on our recommended hidden gems markets will reward us.

You can see our recent recommendations here # GIC HOUSING from 340 to 505 - 49% [ Recall here ] # IIFL HOLDINGS from 330 to 500 - 50% [ Recall here ] # Piramal Enterprise from 1820 to 2605 - 43% [ Recall here ] # Ganesh Benzoplast from 38 to 70 - 80% [ Recall here ] # Centrum Capital from 36 to 51 - 40% [ Recall here ]


In most of our Videos in Youtube [ ]

I have logged in live into my Sharekhan Demant Account and shown my personal returns and holdings.

You see the snap-shot here !

I am yet to come across a person in India who does this, this proves our Transparency & Authenticity.

Further I have explained few points in this Video [ ]

2 stocks discussed in this this video have already given amazing returns, you too can follow this Video for successful investing.

I do not believe in Discounts as long as I know i am working hard with my research / hidden gem recommendations.

All hidden gem charges are inclusive of18% GST, there are No Extra Charges.


Yes please go through the below Videos Carefully. I am very much sure these videos will give your the Right Mindset which will help you immensily in your Investing Journey :


Charges as of now is only Rs 15,000 for 12 months.

You can process your payment online through Internet Banking / Debit or Credit Card through this link Click here !

Once you make the payment you need not do anything, we shall be automatically getting your payment details along with your name, email and mobile number.

Within 24 hrs you shall be getting our Cool Brains Hidden Gems report on your registered email.

After going through the Hidden Gem Report  if you still have any queries feel free to call us at 09239176426


Feel free to call Mr. Deepak @ 9239176426 or drop us an email at


"All products purchased are subject to Terms & Conditions stated on this website. All Disputes Subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction."

*Please Note the Subscription Fees, Once Paid is Non Refundable. We do not have a money back policy and hence there would be no refunds.


You can see below our Hidden Gem Stock and if you want to know the Rationale Behind them then see the Videos here >>


Hidden Gem Reco Price Exit Price Returns Date
13-Feb Ganesh Benzoplast 38 70 84.20% 06-Jul-17
13-Feb Centrum Capital 36 50 38.80% 20-Jul-17
13-Feb FEL (Future Entreprise) 27 39 44.40% Holding
13-Feb Rama Steel Tubes 131 180 37.40% 16-Oct-17
13-Feb IIFL Holdings 335 498 48.60% 26-Apr-17
16-Feb Pitti Laminations 60 95 58.30% 11-Dec-17
17-Feb Piramal Entreprise 1820 2605 43.10% 03-May-17
24-Mar GIC Housing Finance  345 505 46.30% 11-Apr-17
21-Apr XXXXXXX 250 243 N.A Holding
10-May XXXXXXX 170 80 N.A Holding
23-May ArXXXXX 111 188 69.30% Holding
1-Jun WeXXXX 92 152 65.20% Holding
27-Jul SXXXXX 30 27 N.A Holding
3-Aug CXXXXX 950 1040 9.40% Holding


subscription for Rs. 15000.00

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